Does Short-Term Disability Insurance Cover Elective Surgery?

Does Short-Term Disability Insurance Cover Elective Surgery?

Nowadays, disability insurance is essential for many professionals, especially those in the medical field. In case you have to miss work due to an illness or injury not associated with your job, your short-term or long-term disability benefits may cover you depending on the amount of time off you need. What if you have to undergo a procedure that’s not an emergency? Does short-term disability insurance cover elective surgery? Read below to find out.

Does Short-Term Disability Insurance Cover Elective Surgery?

If you have undergone a medical procedure, your short-term disability program could cover some time-off depending on your employer benefits. But is this applicable to all surgeries?

How Can I Take Advantages of Short-term Disability Insurance Benefits?

Does Short-Term Disability Insurance Cover Elective Surgery?
Does Short-Term Disability Insurance Cover Elective Surgery?

There are several ways to take advantage of a short-term disability insurance program.

  1. Some states here in the U.S., including California, New Jersey, and New York, require short-term disability benefits. Some states mandate employers to provide this, while others provide coverage by way of a state fund, which is usually paid for by contributions of the employer, employee, or both. Talk to your HR department or state labor department for more details of your coverage.
  2. In states that do not require this insurance coverage, employers may offer it voluntarily. They may pay for it fully or subject their employees for contributions. For more information about your insurance, contact your HR department.
  3. If you are wondering how much disability insurance for physicians do you need, or for more details on your coverage, get in touch with your insurance provider to discuss it. 

What are the Surgeries Covered by Short-term Disability Insurance? 

Disability insurance programs are not all the same and depending on the policy, what they cover and exclude varies from one program to another. Generally, short-term disability insurance plans pay out a percentage of your income as a replacement for your lost wages if you are unable to work because of an illness or injury. 

Many disability insurance plans do not cover elective surgeries such as cosmetic surgeries and appendectomy. Most programs won’t even cover surgeries for a pre-existing condition. 

For a medical procedure to be covered, the key is it should be an emergency or medically necessary. Some of the common medical operations that may qualify for short-term disability benefits include caesarean section delivery, hip or knee replacement, open heart surgery, removal of the gallbladder, and surgeries involving fractured bones. 

How to Claim Short-term Disability Benefits for Medical Operations?

Does Short-Term Disability Insurance Cover Elective Surgery?
Does Short-Term Disability Insurance Cover Elective Surgery?

Depending on how you got your disability insurance program, you need to contact your HR department or your insurance provider immediately once you are informed of your need for surgery. Similar to other insurance policies, you are required to fill out and submit a claim form. The waiting period before you can avail of your benefits depends on your policy, but many have a waiting period of a maximum of seven days. 

Check your policy terms to know more about your benefits, such as the amount you will receive and how long they will last. Most short-term disability insurance programs provide around 60% of the person’s income for three to six months. If you would like to have a policy review of your HR benefits, our experts here at Crisp Physicians Solutions can help you. 


Can I get Disability for a Short Time Due to Surgery?

Yes, but it depends on what type of surgery you have undergone. Short-term disability insurance covers accidents and illnesses that render you unable to perform your work, and this includes most medical operations. For surgery to be covered, it should be medically necessary as per your policy. Typically, your time-off after surgery is covered by your short-term disability insurance.

What is Covered by Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance covers disabilities that prevent a person from carrying out their job, which may include a partial disability, total disability, or severe disability where recovery is deemed impossible. Disability insurance does not cover elective surgeries and long-term care services. 

What is Disability Insurance for Physicians?

Disability insurance for physicians secures your income by providing you a percentage of it in case you are unable to carry out your medical specialty because of an illness or injury. This type of insurance usually presents a modified occupation definition unless you purchase a true own-occupation definition of disability on your own.  

In Conclusion

Should doctors get disability insurance? Well, here is what you should be aware of by now: Disability insurance is a must for physicians because it protects your income in the event you are unable to perform your duties due to an illness or injury. However, you should also know that not all surgeries are covered. Does short-term disability insurance cover elective surgery? No, it does not with most plans. Most short-term disability insurance plans only cover surgeries that are medically necessary. If you would like to know more about Disability Insurance for Physicians and elective surgery, out experts here at Crisp Physicians Solutions can help you.