Unisex rates are quickly disappearing –
along with the chance to save up to $200 per month.

With so many female physicians in practice now, many insurance carriers have stopped offering blended rates for disability coverage. This trend has left only one carrier for females to sign up with; with an exception of a few states.

Blended rates can save approximately $70/month if you are in your 30s and up to $200 a month if you are in your 40s. These discounts can save you over $75,000 through your practice years.

You have been informed throughout residency to purchase specialty specific disability insurance coverage and that discounts are available to residents and fellows. However, females face unique issues when it comes to purchasing disability coverage. 

Costs are usually higher because, on average, women have more claims than men. Their health history also plays a factor, often with pregnancy and fertility put under the microscope. Unisex rates may be able to help with these issues.

Sample Rates

Un-blended rates compared to unisex rates for $5,000 and $10,000 of monthly benefits are listed below. Rates vary based on age, gender, medical specialty, state of residency and health status.

Again, these rates can vary based on age, gender, medical specialty, state of residency and health status, so contact us for a quote specific to you.

Our unbiased quote comparisons, expert knowledge, long-term relationships with the companies we represent, and our diligent ongoing policy service have made us the company of choice for physicians across the country. Contact us today.

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